Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back from their honeymoon and straight back to work

It's now rumoured the pair were honeymooning at a romantic Irish castle.

By Holly Royce
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back from their honeymoon and it's straight back to work for Prince Harry.
We're guessing the newly married pair didn't even get a chance to unpack before Prince Harry was out championing charity On Side Youth Zones, and welcoming them into the Palace for their summer gala dinner.

Did Prince Harry and Meghan honeymoon in Ireland?

After previous (very convincing) reports the couple would honeymoon in Canada or Africa, it seems the newlyweds chose to honeymoon a lot closer to home.
The rumour mill went into overdrive that the pair had made their post-nuptial love nest at Ashford Castle, a five-star resort in County Galway, Ireland.
The reports started, as they so often do, thanks to a series of social media posts.
Twitter users who were vacationing near the luxury castle were shocked to find strangely high levels of security around the estate.

Why Ashford Castle?

  • It's got History
    Ashford Castle is the oldest castle in Ireland, and we all know there is nothing more romantic than an old Castle. This one was built back in 1228.
    People flock from all around the world to tour the grounds.
  • It's a Royal hotspot
    Queen Elizabeth II's great-grandparents George V and his wife, Queen Mary visited the castle back in 1905, there's even a dining room named after George V.
While nothing has been confirmed yet, it's certainly a castle fit for royalty.