Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly chosen their honeymoon destination

They're heading to the 'Royal Retreat'.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still basking in the light of their newly wedded bliss, and their honeymoon is just around the corner.
Previously, it was thought that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would jet off to Southwest Africa to the burnt sunsets of Namibia after saying 'I do' - or even venture Down Under!
However, TMZ has spoken to insiders and revealed this morning a slightly more surprising destination for the new Royal Couple: Alberta, Canada's Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.
Canada, the land of maple syrup and the location where the TV series Suits was filmed, in which Meghan used to star before falling in love and becoming a princess, as you do.
An aerial view of Jasper Park Lodge.

Why Canada's Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge?

Aside from the fact, the retreat is a hidden gem among the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Jasper National Park - a UNESCO national heritage site no less - its become something of a Royal hotspot, with its own royal nickname.
The resort became known as the Royal Retreat after Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip stayed in Outlook Cabin during their visit to Alberta to celebrate the Province's 100th Anniversary.

Could they still honeymoon in Africa?

There is still a chance the couple could honeymoon in Africa.
Back in 2015, after calling time on his decade long service in the armed forces, Prince Harry took three-months for his "dream job" exploring southern Africa, which included a five-day expedition in Namibia with the Save the Rhino Trust.
Namibia is a very popular location, known for their stunning safari and wildlife - especially their cheetahs.
It is also deemed one of the least populated countries, so the royals would definitely have their privacy.
And with his royal responsibilities always in the back of his mind, Namibia is part of the Commonwealth - an excellent travel destination for the newly appointed Youth Ambassador of the Commonwealth.