Prince Charles’ funniest moments

In celebration of the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday, we look back on his most hilarious moments!

There’s no doubt about it: Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son (and heir to the throne) has that enviable ability to make just about anyone giggle.

And seeing as it’s the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday today, we’re celebrating by turning back the clock and looking back on all the times he made us laugh.

“As long as I do not take myself too seriously I should not be too badly off!” Prince Charles says.

Well, whether he’s taking over the role of weather man for the nightly BBC Scotland segment, or dancing up a storm with locals on a tour in Mexico, the chipper royal certainty knows how to bring light to any situation.

“If I hear rhythmic music, I just want to get up and dance!” he once mused of his boogieing abilities in a 2013 interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I think given half a chance though, the old one-two and the two-step can come in handy,” he said, adding: “I’m glad to say that both my sons have inherited it, I think. They’re very good. They do make me laugh when they get going!”

With his array of silly faces and a ‘can-do’ attitude, Prince William and Prince Harry no doubt grew up laughing at their dad too.

Click through the gallery for Prince Charles most hilarious moments!

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Nailed it! The first-in-line to the throne loves a good chuckle.

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It’s been almost a decade since Geri Halliwell pinched Prince Charles on the bum and told him he was sexy at the world premiere of their film Spice World in London in 1997. WATCH: The hilarious meeting in the next slide!

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Charles, pictured at the Highland Games, making his mother and sister giggle.

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The Prince has never been one to shy away from the dance floor.

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In a comical pair of 3D glasses, the Prince watches a scientific presentation at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.

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A rare glimpse from his childhood, released for the The Prince of Wales Jubilee Tribute documentary, shows Charles and his sister Anne play on the beach with the family corgi.

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While visiting Jamaica, Charles was presented with a Rastafarian Tam hat by Bob Marley’s wife Rita.

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Orange you happy to meet the Prince?! Charles greets what appears to be two runaway members of the fruit bowl on a tour to Canada.

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Charles admires the art…

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He can certainly make his grandchildren Prince George, five, and Charlotte, three, giggle!

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“Check out this new meme, dad!”

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On a 2005 tour to Australia, the heir to the throne put on an equally brave and hilarious face before trying a witchetty grub.

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This royal thrives on the dance floor as he takes part in traditional Mexican clog dancing on a 2014 tour to Mexico.

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Looks like Wills inherited his dad’s sense of humour – and Kate loves it!

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Charles appears unimpressed by a robot follower as he visits the set of Doctor Who.

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During an outing to the BBC Scotland headquarters in Glasgow, the dapper chap decided to try his hand at weather reading… WATCH: Charles take on the new role in the next slide!

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The Prince and his wife share a candid moment to themselves.

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His favourite crowd is undoubtedly his two darling sons.

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Charles breaks into a fit of giggles after meeting with some deep sea friends.

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The Duchess of Cornwall isn’t quite as at ease with Australia’s cutest animal as her husband.

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After winning a polo match, the Prince celebrates by drinking champagne from the winning cup.

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One is quite amused at Camilla trying to bake! The pair get overcome with the giggles during a recent factory visit.

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It’s an annual tradition for Charles to entertain his parents with jokes at the Highland Games.

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The loved-up pair pour a pint, much to the crowd’s delight.

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