Plastic surgery clinic slammed for misusing Kate Middleton's face to promote face lift

Royal experts were not impressed.

A London plastic surgery clinic has been accused of misusing images of Kate Middleton's face to promote face lifts.
Dr Gabriela Clinic, which Sarah Ferguson has actively promoted, posted two images on Instagram of the face of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, alongside one another on Instagram with the caption, "Imagination of natural look. We are doing procedures that you look like fresh you."
The first image, which is said to have been taken at Wimbledon in 2014 shows the duchess wearing very little make-up; the second image shows the duchess in full evening make-up and is said to have been taken at an event in 2017. Side by side, they effectively give the impression of a 'before and after' reveal.
The post has since been deleted, but not before royal experts accused the clinic of poor taste and dishonesty.
Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, told the Mirror: "What is so blatantly awful in using these images is that prospective clients may be inclined to think that Kate has had a laser face-lift or other treatment from this company when she most certainly has not.
"This appears to be a very ill-thought-out campaign by one of the many, many skin doctors that set themselves up in Harley Street," she continued. "This is another episode in the daily life of the Yorks, I'm afraid."
Last month, the clinic shared on Instagram an image of Sarah Ferguson which pointed to all the procedures she has had done. It was captioned: "Amazing woman Sarah Ferguson is talking to Daily Mail about skin health at 60!"

The Duchess of York, who has recently turned 60, revealed to the publication that she has had a number of cosmetic procedures including Botox, two types of face-lift and stem cell therapy at Dr Gabriela's Clinic on Harley Street.
She even created a video singing the praises of Dr Mercik, comparing the facial work she'd had done to a 'wonderful embrace of velvet' and calling the cosmetic surgeon 'a loyal friend' who always managed to make her feel 'calm'.
Sarah met Dr Mercik in Poland in 1992 when Dr Mercik was a medical student, and the two stayed in touch.
Sarah has said she is a fan of Dr Mercik's skincare range and has happily been her guinea pig for new treatments.
She revealed that her fair skin was exposed to too much sun when she was younger and that after losing both her father and best friend Carolyn Cotterell to melanoma, it made her realise you have to look after your skin as much as your other organs.
"It isn't just about aesthetics. We have to think about our skin health," Sarah says, explaining she hoped her mesotherapy and laser treatments would help repair the damage her skin had undergone as a child.