Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ best man gives shocking speech

It appears the best man's speech was peppered with bawdy banter.
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Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ wedding may have been the society event of the year, with at least half the royal family in attendance, but best man Justin Johannson’s speech may have crossed the line.

According to The Sun, James’ best man reportedly delivered some very uncomfortable moments in his toast, which began with the topic of Middleton and Matthews’ honeymoon.

“With the wedding shrouded in secrecy, I would like to reveal and wish the bride and groom a wonderful honeymoon in North Wales,” Justin apparently quipped.

“At least that’s where I presume they’re going, since I overheard Spencer saying that James will be, after the wedding, going to Bangor for two weeks. Enjoy the Welsh coast, guys.”

All eyes were on James’ brother, London socialite, Spencer Matthews (R) for any possible social faux pas.

Bangor is a city in north west Wales but his risque play on words didn’t go unnoticed.

Justin took another shot, this time using James’ dog Rafa as the set up.

“Now, to the love of James’s life. Beautiful, energetic, loyal, soft mouth, comes on command, great behind — that’s enough about James’s spaniel Rafa,” he joked.

The Sun claim this comment wasn’t too well-received among the gathered guests, with just a few giggling lightly at the joke’s punchline.

“It was a bit full-on for the crowd we had there. Thankfully, some of the older ones didn’t know what he meant,” an attendee told the publication.

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