A lip reader has revealed how Meghan Markle really felt during her Buckingham Palace balcony debut

She looked composed and calm but apparently that's not how the new Duchess of Sussex felt at all.
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It was Meghan Markle’s first appearance on Buckingham Palace’s iconic balcony for Trooping the Colour on the weekend, and it appears the Duchess of Sussex is still finding her feet in her new role.

Despite 36-year-old Meghan looking gorgeous for her first Trooping the Colour appearance – dressed in a stunning off-the-shoulder dusty pink Carolina Herrera dress and a hat by Philip Treacy – a lip reader has revealed Meghan was nervous and let her husband know.

Seeing the royals stand on the Palace Balcony dates back to Queen Victoria’s time, who would stand there to greet her soldiers after battle.

Meghan stood behind Duchess Catherine who has appeared at the event since 2011.

During the display, Harry and Meghan joined the royals on the balcony, behind Duchess Catherine. Once in position, according to a lip-reading expert, Harry asked Meghan if she was okay, to which she replied “yeah” said the Mirror Online.

In a second exchange, Meghan admitted to her husband that she was nervous. The pair looked at each other and the new-royal blurted out “nervous”, with a smile.

Prince Harry allegedly responded, “yes..”, before smiling and adding, “When you get into it, I’ll tell you more later.”

Meghan lets Harry know she is nervous during her first appearance on the Balcony.

Harry explains to his wife how the event unfolds.

He added: “Then there’s the flypast and then we all look up to the sky.”

Meghan’s sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, who has attended Trooping the Colour ever since her first appearance in 2011, stood in front of the new Duchess, providing Meghan a shield for her nerves and perhaps also some inspiration.

Meghan has perfected her royal wave.

They’ve got that ‘newlywed glow’.

Meghan’s nerves showed throughout the event.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rode in together for the grand event. The newly minted royal, Meghan, decided to stick to the pastel theme, donning pink hues – her choice for her very first royal appearance after she married Harry. While Harry wore his ceremony uniform of the Blues and Royals.

The fairytale couple.

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