The Queen’s former aide warns Duchess Meghan to stop trying to be clever and know her place

“Meghan has got to remember, yes, she was the star of soap, there is only one star in the monarchy, and that’s the Queen.”
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Respected royal expert and former royal aide to the Queen, Dickie Arbiter, has warned Duchess Meghan to remember she’s no longer a Hollywood star and that she should stop trying to do things herself.

Appearing on the Today Show, amidst the damning reports about the Duchess of Sussex published by Tatler earlier this week, the former Palace press secretary of 12 years has addressed the rumours, saying while he thinks they’re mostly untrue, Meghan still must remember the royal family’s pecking order.

Dickie Arbiter was the Queen’s press secretary for 12 years. (Image: Getty)

“Meghan has got to remember, yes, she was the star of soap, there is only one star in the monarch, and that’s the Queen,” he says.

“Everybody else is a supporting player.

“[What] Meghan has got to do, is forget she is on the red carpet of show business, she is now on the crimson carpet of monarchy.

“She’s got to remember that she plays not just a supporting role to Harry, but to the Queen as well.”

Arbiter acknowledges that Meghan has done a great job fitting into the family’s usual routines and charity work, however advises that she stop trying to do things on her own and take the advice and support from the staff around her.

“She has got to sort of think how she is going to operate and the way she is going to operate.

“Listen to the officials, listen to your communication secretary and operate under their advice,” he advises.

“Don’t try and be clever, don’t try and do things yourself.”

Dickie Arbiter warns Meghan that she needs to remember the only star of the monarchy is the Queen. (Image: Getty)

The former aide’s comments follow a recent report published by Tatler, which claims the 37-year-old Duchess has been given a brutal new nickname by royal staff, “Me-Gain”, and that many of them think “she’s trouble”.

This follows months of reports published by tabloid press about the Duchess of Sussex, with claims that she’s “demanding”, that staff are leaving because of discontent and that her and her sister-in-law Kate are at loggerheads, not to mention the very public family troubles with her father Thomas Markle and half-sister Samantha Markle.

So close to the birth of their first child, this is the last thing Meghan and Harry need. (Image: Getty)

But what makes the Tatler story even more potentially damaging for Meghan is that it’s a publication read widely by Britain’s upper class, and all of the people who matter to the royal family will be aware of it and the poor light it portrays Meghan in.

And now with these comments from respected royal expert Dickie Arbiter added to the mix, it’s the last thing the Duchess of Sussex needs just weeks out from giving birth to her first child with Prince Harry.

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