Duchess Meghan’s former on-screen husband shares previously unseen photos of her ahead of the Suits finale

The sad news: Suits is coming to an end. The good news: We’ve been treated to plenty of never-before-seen throwback photos.
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After almost 10 years and nine seasons, the American legal drama TV series Suits is sadly coming to an end this week.

The TV show was responsible for skyrocketing the Duchess of Sussex’s acting career where she portrayed the paralegal Rachel Zane.

But while her and her on-screen husband Patrick J Adams’, who plays Mike Ross, characters have seen departed from the main story line that hasn’t stopped Patrick from taking to Instagram to commemorate and reminisce about his time on the show.

Posting to his Instagram account @halfadams, Patrick posted a mirror selfie of himself (complete with one of those vintage-look Insta filters that were all the rage when the platform first launch) which he reveals was taken on the day of his first ever fitting for his Suits character Mike Ross.

“This week the last episode of Suits will air and the nearly 10 year journey we’ve all be on together will finally be over,” Patrick captioned the image.

“So it seems right to post some photos the next couple of days from the early days.”

And he sure delivered!

What followed has been a series of photographs which show Patrick and his co-stars, including Meghan, during their time on the show, some taken by Patrick and some taken from photoshoots.

From a pic of Meghan looked relaxed on set outside her personal trailer with a sign reading ‘Rachel’ taped onto the door, to a pic of her lounging on a sofa and a photo of her (literally) putting her feet up between takes with her co-star and good friend Sarah Rafferty, it’s a reminder of Meghan’s life before being apart of The Firm.

Patrick shared a whole lot of images of him and his co-stars, including Meghan, to his Instagram to mark the end of the Suits era. (Image: Instagram/@halfadams)

Patrick’s followers have been loving the photographs, with many saying how much they love the show and how much they’ll miss it.

“Thank you so much for posting these amazing memories,” wrote one follower.

While another added, “You’re destroying me with these throwbacks.”

The Instagram posts come just as Meghan began her royal tour of South Africa with Prince Harry and four-month-old Archie, with the royal couple attending two engagements on Day 1 of the tour which included learning about the incredible work being done to help stop gender-based violence against women and girls, sampling local dishes and even getting up for a dance.

In fact Suits even made a cheeky reference to Meghan’s new life as a royal in an earlier episode of their final season.

The moment came in episode five, which sees Mike Ross make a cameo appearance, where he’s asked by one of the other characters ‘how Rachel is doing’.

Mike replies: “If I told you how good, you probably wouldn’t believe me.”

The moment was universally met with glee by fans, who loved the reference to Meghan’s new life as a member of the royal family.

The TV show even shared a gif of the moment to their Twitter account accompanied by the caption: “Turns out Rachel is doing REALLY well,” with a winking emoji added for good measure.

After being a part of the cast for almost seven years it’s no surprise that Meghan grew incredibly close to her cast mates, with many of them invited to her historic wedding to Prince Harry in May last year.

Since then she’s been spotted with co-star Abigail Spencer, who attended her lavish New York baby shower in February, and received well-wishes from Patrick and Sarah Rafferty following the birth of baby Archie in May this year.

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