Duchess Catherine and Prince William get hilariously competitive in a Christmas roulade making competition

The royals joined cookery icon Mary Berry for a Christmas TV special and things got competitive.
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It’s a known and amusing fact that Monopoly is banned in the royal household because it apparently gets too competitive, but if you’ve ever wanted to witness that competitiveness for yourself, look no further than the hilarious video of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, above.

Joining Queen’s in the kitchen Mary Berry and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain for a Christmas TV special, the royal competed in a Christmas roulade making competition and it’s safe to say their competitive streaks shone through.

Duchess Catherine rolls her Christmas roulade. (Image: Matt Porteous via @KensingtonRoyal)

At one point William, who was paired up with Nadiya, was scoring the meringue, when Mary, who was paired up with Kate, looked over and critiqued William’s crooked cutting to which he retorted hilariously: “Could you keep an eye on your own roulade please?”

But if you thought William would play fair, you’ve got another thing coming, with the 37-year-old cheekily telling Nadiya “she’s not watching!” when it came time for the tricky part – rolling the roulade.

Mary quickly spotted Nadiya helping William to whom she firmly said “no helping” but William insisted Nadiya was just “guiding me”.

When it came to decorations the Duchess definitely had a deft hand with the chocolate piping bag.

“Oh, she’s piped before,” Nadiya said of Catherine’s skilful chocolate zig-zag pattern.

“Oh, you’ve got zig-zags? Ours is more of like a: ‘Cor, look at that!’ Like: ‘Gotta eat that now!'” William joked, much to his wife’s amusement.

Watch the full roulade showdown above.

In the Christmas TV special A Berry Royal Christmas which aired in UK on Monday evening, William and Kate took Mary to visit some of their key causes including The Passage, a charity which gives a range of support for the vulnerable and homeless, The Brink, a dry bar run in Liverpool by Action on Addiction and RHS Wisley in Surrey, where Catherine’s ‘Back to Nature’ project has a permanent home.

During their visit to The Brink, the Duchess revealed a secret job she had during her days at university.

When Mary asks Catherine to take the non-alcoholic cocktails she’s made to guests the Duchess remarked: “Reminds me of my university days when I did a bit of waitressing.”

“Were you any good?” Mark asked, to which Kate laughs: “No, I was terrible!”

Duchess Catherine opened up to Mary Berry about life at university and shared cute tidbits about the Cambridge children. (Image: Matt Porteous via @KensingtonRoyal)

The Christmas special also provided plenty of adorable tidbits about the Cambridge children with Kate revealing one-year-old Louis was a huge fan of beetroot.

“We grow our own vegetables,” Kate told Mary.

“We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot. Charlotte obviously likes her Charlotte potatoes.”

And even revealed one of Prince Louis’ surprising first words: Mary!

Apparently, the duchess keeps her cooking books at Louis’ eye-level and with Mary Berry’s face featuring on many of them, he’s become quite a fan it would seem.

The Duke and Duchess then held a special party to acknowledge staff and volunteers from several charities and organisations who will be working tirelessly over the Christmas period, with a delicious feast created by Mary.

Reflecting on her time with William and Catherine, Mary said: “They don’t just arrive and shake a few hands, make a few smiles and a speech, they want to get involved, and they want to see what they can do.

“And it isn’t just one visit, they come back again and ask for results and they remember who they spoke to last time. I think it’s remarkable,” she said.

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