How much would these royals earn if they had to get normal jobs?

A training and qualifications provider has analysed the skills and qualifications of members of the royal family to see how they’d fare in the normal working world.

For the senior members of the royal family, being a royal is a full-time job, despite the fact it looks very different from what the majority of us do to, well, survive.
But what would happen if – for some hypothetical reason – things were different and the likes of the Cambridges and Sussexes had to find employment in the real world? What kind of job might they have and what could they earn? Well, training and qualifications provider The Knowledge Academy may have a few ideas, The Daily Mail reports.
Analysing members of the royal family's skills and qualifications, the experts at The Knowledge Academy, have put together faux CVs for the members to try and gauge what they could potentially be doing in today's employment market. Here's what they came up with.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: Actress, $703.6K

According to The Knowledge Academy, Meghan would be the highest earner of the royal family, if she went back to her days as an actress.
While she has smaller roles and cameos on well-known shows such as CSI: Miami, it was after she landed the role of Rachel Zane on long-running TV series Suits that she really made her mark.
Meghan would be the highest paid out of the royals if she were to return to her days as an actress. (Image: Getty)
If she was forced to return to her previous career and nabbed a lead role similar to the one on Suits, she'd likely see herself earning upwards of £350K (NZD $703.6K) a year.
If she scored herself a lead role in a film, it could be even higher.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Administrator/Marketing, $46.2K

According to The Daily Mail, The Duchess of Cambridge will be the first British queen to have a university degree, graduating from the University of St Andrews with an undergraduate Master of Arts in the History of Art.
After graduation, Kate worked as an accessory buyer for British retailer Jigsaw (who her sister-in-law Meghan recently collaborated with), before working for her parents' party supplies company where she helped the catalogue design team and also reportedly worked in the company's marketing department.
With Kate's experience working in marketing, she could find easily find herself a job in marketing or as an administrator. (Image: Getty)
According to The Knowledge Academy, if she wasn't to work for her parents' company, she could earn an annual salary of up to £23,000 (NZD $46.2K) in a corporate administrative or marketing role, in accordance to her previous work experience and qualifications.

Prince William and Prince Harry: Charity Workers, $42.2K

While the research ignores the fact that both Prince William and Prince Harry had successful military careers – during which Harry earned a salary of £32,300 (NZD $64,940) and William around £52,000 (NZD $104.5K) – if they were to work in their current roles in charity sector, The Knowledge Academy sees them earning around $42,200 a year.
The two royal brothers have had impressive military careers, but unless they go back, The Knowledge Academy sees them being charity workers. (Image: Getty)

Sophie, Countess of Wessex: Public Relations, $80.4K

Countess Sophie, who is married to the Queen's youngest son Prince Edward, had a very successful career in public relations before becoming a full-time working royal, even running her own PR company for five years.
Due to her vast amount of experience The Knowledge Academy sees her earning up to £40,000 a year, about the equivalent to $80,400 NZD.

Princess Anne: Charity Officer, $38.3K-$50.4K

Known as the hardest working royal - last year the Princess Royal attended 518 engagements, the most by any member of the royal family that year – it's highly likely she would continue work in the charity sector, with The Knowledge Academy predicting a role as a charity officer, which would see her earning around £19,000 a year (NZD $38,300).
However, Anne also has a huge talent and interest in equestrianism, competing in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal (and clearly passed the passion and skills to her daughter, Olympic medallist Zara Tindall) and could see herself making around £25K (NZD $50.4K) as a riding instructor.
While the experts could see Princess Anne working as a charity officer or horse-riding instructor, Sophie could see herself being the second highest earning royal if she went back to PR. (Image: Getty)

Camilla, Duchess of Cambridge: Secretary, $38.3K

According to the Daily Mail Duchess Camilla didn't undertake a traditional academic path, instead attending a finishing school in Switzerland at age 16 before working part-time as a secretary and receptionist for several years.
Limited experience in a secretarial role would sees her earning around £17.5K (NZD $38.3K) a year, while more experience see her earning closer to $50,400.

Prince Edward: Production Assistant, $56.5K

If the Earl of Wessex was forced to give up his duties as working royal, if he were to continue his previous career path, you'd likely find him in a role in media or theatre production.
Following a gap year in New Zealand, graduation from university and a stint in the Royal Navy, Prince Edward worked as a production assistant on musicals in for a London theatre company before forming his own television production company.
Unfortunately, the company dissolved in 2009, but if he were to want to continue his pursuit of a career in a similar area he could nab himself a job as a production assistant earning up to $56,500 a year.