16 strange secrets about marrying a British royal

We hope Meghan doesn't like shellfish...

The British Royal Family is a glamorous one, there’s no doubt about it. So it’s easy for us non-royal folks to daydream about being part of it someday, somehow. And why not? Jewels, palaces, people catering to your every whim… what could be better?
Kate Middleton is living that daydream, thanks to marrying Prince William and thus becoming an official member of the Royal Family. And Meghan Markle will be living that dream as well when she marriesPrince Harry next year. While marrying into the British Royal Family certainly has its perks, there are also many parts of the gig that might not bode well with those of us who haven’t had to answer strict rules our whole lives.
As it turns out, you can’t do whatever the heck you want when you marry British royalty. You have a whole new set of obligations and requirements, as well as a list of new things you’re actually forbidden from doing.