Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight Australia 2023: the reunion from hell!

Revenge, betrayal and a missing groom...

Season 10 of Married At First Sight Australia was one for the books – and insiders say the reunion will be just as explosive! Here are the bombshells you won't see on screen...

Harrison's revenge plot

The builder is keen to tell his side of the story.
Sources say Harrison Boon's wife Bronte Schofield didn't hold back at the reunion, accusing him of ruining her chance at love! Now insiders say the controversial groom, 32, is planning to spin his position as this year's villain into a new career as a YouTube star – and he's intent on clearing his name!
"Harrison believes producers purposely threw him and the grooms under the bus this season to protect the brides, making them the heroes," says our MAFS insider. "This is something he can't wait to speak freely about once the show is over and he's out of contract. He's sick of how men are portrayed in the media these days and thinks we live in a 'woman's world'. He wants to do a podcast on masculinity and the sexism all men now face."

Melinda's on the edge!

After ending the show as a couple and looking forward to a bright future together, Melinda Willis is now concerned her happy-ever-after could be at risk.
Just weeks after gushing to friends that she can't see a future without Layton Mills, 35, and that she can even envision herself stepping back from her crazy career to start a family together, it seems being apart is proving a challenge.
"They've been doing long-distance, with him in Sydney and her in Brisbane, but his texts and calls are already getting sparser and sparser," our source tells.
While Melinda, 32, hopes that they'll work it out and stay together, she's also wondering how long the romance will stay alive while they're living in different cities.
Layton and Melinda drifted apart after filming.

Cameron missing for 10 days

A TV insider tells us that Cameron Woods, 27, went AWOL for 10 days shortly after the final commitment ceremony.
"Things ended so messy with his bride Lyndall [Grace] that Cam said there was absolutely no way he was attending the reunion," spills our on-set spy. "So he just turned his phone off, drove over to Alice Springs and went off the grid. Nobody could get hold of him and there was genuine concern."

Dan's humiliation

While he told Woman's Day, "Generally, I walk away from drama," a source says Dan Hunjas, 42, actually returned to the reunion ready to take his 36-year-old bride Sandy Jawanda down a peg after discovering she'd contacted one of his exes following their time on the show. "After they split up, Dan found out Sandy had reached out to one of his ex-girlfriends," says the insider. "He thought this would show she's sneaky and not genuine. He wanted to bring her down by dropping this bombshell and making her the villain, but nobody cared and he was left red-faced."

Lyndall's airport run-in

The day before filming the reunion, TV execs flew all the cast into Sydney – but someone in production messed up, and Lyndall, 27, and Cam's flights arrived at the Qantas terminal just minutes apart!
Producers desperately scrambled to keep the former couple apart so they could save their first interaction until the cameras were on. "They phoned Lyndall and told her to hide in an airport shop for 15 minutes," an onlooker tells Woman's Day.
"It was embarrassing."

Adam broke & jobless

Fans say they "feel sorry" for Adam Seed, who went on the show to give his business a boost... but instead, it's gone bust! The 35-year-old groom – who was criticised by his MAFS bride Janelle Han, 28, for being "jobless" – appears to have quietly closed his UK-based online "rewards club" Meta Competitions, with the website now defunct. This comes after business accounts show a total of $772 in sales while it was active. "Going on MAFS has had the opposite effect of what he'd hoped," says our insider.

Tahnee & Ollie: the next Michael & Martha

Happy couple Tahnee Cook, 27, and Ollie Skelton, 26, haven't just found love – they've also revealed they're keen to start a family... and one friend claims a clucky Tahnee may already be up the duff! But before they become parents, they plan to cash in on their success with their own podcast. "Tahnee and Ollie look set to make the most money out of all this year's participants if they remain together," an influencer manager tells us. "Tahnee and Ollie are any brand's dream. They're wholesome, family-friendly and have a wide appeal – everyone from mums to young teens adore them. They look set to be even bigger than Martha [Kalifatidis] and Michael [Brunelli], who now charge tens of thousands of dollars to endorse a single product."

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