Married at First Sight

MAFS' Vicky Fuller and Stefaan Nes have broken up - again

''I am proud of myself and Stef for trying to find love. In the end we have acknowledged that we are just two very different people.''

They were an unlikely couple from the start and now Vicky Fuller has announced what many saw coming: she and Married At First Sight NZ husband Stefaan Nes have broken up.
Alongside Carmen and James and Anna and Jordan, Vicky and Stefaan were one of three couples to remain together after the reality TV series wrapped earlier this year. However, Anna and Jordan have since split, leaving Carmen and James the only couple still together.
However, Vicky shared on social media on Thursday that she and Stefaan have called it quits: "We have openly and happily shared our relationship from the very first day we met so it feels right to publicly share with you the following," she said.
"Stef and I have had a beautiful journey these last few months which have been filled with both love and growth.
"At times it was overwhelming hearing and reading everyone's opinions and advice on our relationship whilst trying to unscramble and make sense of our own thoughts and feelings. I knew that I would have a clearer idea if this was meant to work once the dust had settled. It was important for us to make this decision on our own terms without noise from family, friends or the public.
"I feel the need to also acknowledge that during these few months we felt this never ending pressure to try really hard to make our relationship work. Maybe it was because of the experiment or that the public were watching or because of who we are ( Kind/ compassionate/ loving/ dedicated/ not wanting to give up), or that we wanted to find love or maybe because we are a bit stubborn. I think it was a combination of many things.
"I am proud of myself and Stef for our bravery in trying to find love in this way. In the end we have acknowledged that we are just two very different people.
"So, It's with extremely grateful hearts that we accept that our relationship is one we both need to graciously walk away from."
Vicky went on to say she had "many beautiful memories" from her time with Stefaan and that they'd remain "great friends".
"My BFG I will always support you."

Vicky had initially broken up with Stefaan on the show at the couple's vow renewal ceremony.
However, she told Now To Love that she regretted her decision as soon as she'd made it and contacted Stefaan within hours of dumping him. The couple agreed to get back together.
There were a few hurdles they needed to clear, though.
Vicky had been treated appallingly by James and Ray throughout the season, yet Stefaan had consistently failed to show Vicky his support. He had even socialised with the duo behind Vicky's back, which became a sticking point for the couple.
Vicky said at the time, "There were two people who didn't support our relationship and that impacted our relationship a bit.
"I was thinking I could do better than this, that I didn't deserve to go through this pain so that had been part of my decision I made towards the end.
Stefaan has since revealed he regretted not having his bride's back, and that he was "foolish" trying to be friends with everyone on the show.
There were other hurdles, too, though. Stefaan had never had a serious relationship before and Vicky's nearest and dearest put her attachment to him down to Stockholm syndrome (a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity).
The couple had initially struggled to find a spark on their honeymoon and even though their relationship grew, it never blossomed.