Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight groom Stefaan Nes' heartfelt vow: 'I'm ready to change'

He's learning to love, and Stefaan hopes to make things last with Vicky.

By Marilynn McLachlan
Stefaan Nes was "stoked" when he saw Victoria Fuller, 27, walking down the aisle to marry him, but admits that he didn't have a type in mind when he signed up to Married at First Sight NZ.
"That's why I was kind of awkward and laid-back with my approach to the wedding," the 26-year-old newlywed says. But he was a bit shocked as he watched his big day on TV, saying that with the hours of interviews and filming, only "a couple of minutes of bloopers" were shown.
"Family is a massive part of my life and so for none of that to get portrayed out there … I was a little disappointed," he confesses.
Passionate fans have taken to social media to question the Auckland-based pool technician's match with primary school teacher Vicky, but Stefaan is happy to give it a go with the help of the experts.
Prior to the experiment, his longest relationship was just three weeks and he admits that he has a protective wall that sees him walking away from any connections, but now he's ready to change.
"Part of why I signed up is obviously to find the love of my life and for it to work out," Stefaan says. "And I hope that I'm also going to learn about relationships, and how I can hold on to them a bit longer and all those finer details."

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