Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Cyrell moves on with another reality TV star

It's not the first MAFS bride he's been involved with though!

Cyrell Jimenez-Paule has caused plenty of drama on Married at First Sight Australia. From constantly fighting with husband Nic, to altercations with other participants (her confrontations with Martha and Jess come to mind), she well and truly earned the nickname 'Cyclone Cyrell.'
The 29-year-old bravely opened up to the experts about her fear of being hurt - a feeling, it turns out, that was the driver behind a lot of her volatile behaviour towards Nic.
Though she and Nic ultimately decided to go their separate ways, it seems Cyrell is finally ready to settle down and she's happy to tell the world about it.
Watch: The explosive moment Cyrell confront Martha over spreading rumours about Nic. Story continues
The rumour mill went into overdrive last week after Cyrell was spotted out and about with Love Island Australia runner-up Eden Dally. And the feisty Filipino has just confirmed they are indeed an item.
"He's a cool guy… we're seeing each other," Cyrell revealed to the show Talking Married.
"He's one of those guys who's so attractive that at first I was like, 'no', but then you talk, and it grows," she said.

And, it seems, one of the attractions was that he couldn't be more different to her former husband Nic.
"Eden is a bit more fun and outgoing and Nic was a bit more reserved. He liked to go to bed at 9:30," she said.
Unfortunately for Cyrell, however, she isn't the first Married at First Sight participant Eden has set eyes on.
According to Woman's Day, resident man-eater Jessika Power hooked up with 26-year-old Eden earlier this year while she and Dan were temporarily broken up.
The pair attended the St Kilda Festival in Melbourne together and posted several videos on Instagram during their weekend together.
"Dan and Jess were going through a rough patch at the time, which sent Jess straight into the arms of Eden. Jess arranged to meet up with him in Melbourne to get back at Dan," a source says.
"They pashed at the airport and went out for dinner that night before going back to the hotel. Eden told all his mates they hooked up."
Things didn't work out between Cyrell and her on-screen husband Nic.
Cyrell, however, isn't letting his past dalliance with Jess worry her. She has fiercely defended her new love after comments on her Instagram photo of the pair were less than complimentary.
"Make sure he's not using you to stay relevant Hun," one person wrote.
While another wrote "Nooo not Eden! Omg he's the same as Sam but worse with a temper and a massive cheater! You deserve better Cyrell!"
But Cyrell was having none of it. "Guys! Please be happy for me," she wrote.
"I've always been the type of person that can judge a persons character... and Eden is a not what the media portrays him to be. Two sides to every story. Maybe we shouldn't judge a book by the cover but what's inside."