Meet Woman’s Day’s top 10 media hunks finalists

Who’s number one in the land? That's entirely up to you.
Dominic Harvey Clint Randell media hunk

You voted in droves and your top 10 finalists for Woman’s Day Bonds X-Temp media hunks have been chosen.

So let’s get to know these hunks a little better. They’re all vying for your votes. To make sure your hunk wins, vote here. But hurry – voting closes on September 9th.

Clint Randell, 34, The Edge, Auckland

How does it feel to be nominated?

Well, how would you feel being in the same arena as the chiselled jawline of Jeremy Wells and the Blue Steel glare of Mike McRoberts?! Yeah, you’d be bloody stoked.

Have you felt hotter since appearing in Dancing with the Stars?

That was a fake hotness. Fake tan, fake wigs and even fake drawn-on abs most nights. Lol!

How does it feel to be up against your co-host Dom this year?

It feels like when I play football with my kids … unfair.

Who do you think has the best shot out of you two?

Depends, if Dom’s huge nips aren’t photoshopped, I might have him.

How has your family reacted to your nomination?

I don’t even think they know to be honest. Maybe Mum does because she must’ve nominated me in the first place, right?

How do you stay in shape?

Well DWTS was helping me out massively, but now that’s over, I’m back playing footy every weekend and I try to get to the gym after work three or four times a week.

What is your campaign strategy?

Spray tans and no more hot chips.

Who do you think is your biggest competition?

Everyone except Paddy Gower (we’ve got a little DWTS beef that I’m looking forward to settling here 🙂

Dom Harvey, 46, The Edge, Auckland

How does it feel to be in the top 10?

It feels great, especially when I think about all the potentials that didn’t make it – Mark Richardson, Jack Tame, Jesse Mulligan. Maybe skinny guys in their 40s with off-white teeth, large noses and hair growing from their ears is the new sexy?

How does it feel to be up against your co-host Clint?

He looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks book. I’m not sure who nominated me, but it was very charitable of them.

What’s your best feature?

Probably my smooth chest. I don’t groom it; I just have no body hair – apart from a mole on my chest that always seems to sprout one random hair from it.

Roger Farrelly and Gary McCormick are past winners. How do you compare?

I’m about 70 years younger than Gary and I have a tiny Adam’s apple compared to Rog.

How would winning change your life?

Whenever anyone tells me how hot Randell is (and this is something I get a lot – from listeners, relatives, friends, everyone), I’ll be able to remind them that I am slightly more handsome than him.

Adam Green, 37, The Hits, Hawke’s Bay

How does it feel to be in the top 10?

It’s pretty exciting to be recognised on a nationwide scale as a media hunk! Not exactly a title I wake up in the morning and consider myself.

Who do you think is your main competition?

Considering he’s on the same station and a nationwide talking point at the moment due to his time and trickery on Celebrity Treasure Island, Sam Wallace. And you can’t discount Jeremy Wells – he’s a handsome man!

How would it benefit the Hawke’s Bay if you win?

I’m unsure if there would be any significant increase in tourist numbers, but it would give me a platform to showcase our beautiful region.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

At the end of a work trip to the States many years ago, I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Mexico to eat a cheap lobster dinner and party with the locals in Ensenada. The tequila list was 50 different types and they dropped thousands of balloons from the roof at midnight.

What is your best feature?

I can clench my buttock cheeks individually

to the tune of the can-can, BUT I would say my smile, it’s the thing I share most with listeners to The Hits Hawkes Bay as we have a laugh and enjoy the stories the people of our region share with us every morning!

Astley Nathan, 28, Flava, Auckland

How are you feeling about being in the top 10 again?

I still get teased about losing to Gary, so I’m stoked I get another opportunity.

Why were you voted as a hottie?

I believe the mullet had something to do with it – also my exquisite jawline.

You’re the youngest finalist. Does that make you concerned?

It’s concerning because the demographic for Woman’s Day seems like they lean towards the silver foxes. I’ve got some greys coming through, so that might play in my favour.

Who has the best shot at winning – you or your co-host Daz?

Taking into consideration I am the more experienced hunk being in the finalists last year – me!

How have your friends and family reacted to the nomination?

They are the main driving force for the campaign. They have and will be supporting me the whole way.

What’s your best feature?

My left toenail and extra-long nipple hair.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

I’ve got my school motto tattooed on my back – great school Dilworth, look it up!

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Be careful … may fall in love.

Daz, 33, Flava, Auckland

How do you feel about your nomination?

Not surprised – they say a mullet makes a man 33% hunkier. So with my current haircut, I’m 133% hunk.

What’s your campaign strategy?

The plan was to join forces with Ast to take down Gary McCormick, but since he didn’t make it this year, our two-pronged attack will be aimed at the new biggest dog in the yard –Mike McRoberts.

How have loved ones reacted to your nomination?

My nana is an avid Woman’s Day reader and she was pretty proud to see my pretty face alongside the likes of Jerry Wells and Zaddy McRoberts.

What’s your best feature?

Buttocks or mullet. I can’t decide, but they’re both lush.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

People are always surprised when they find out I’m a cat person – a massive cat person. I have three fur babies and can’t resist their feline charms.

What’s the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

Becoming a dad to the most beautiful little guy on the planet.

Paddy Gower, 42, Newshub, Auckland

What was your reaction to being in the top 10?

I cried tears of joy. Actually, the truth is I was laughing so hard, I started weeping! But crying tears of joy sounds a bit better.

Why do you think you were nominated?

Someone with immense respect for my 20 years of journalism thought it would be a nice touch. Either that or someone thought it would be a great joke.

You’ve covered political campaigns – will it help your strategy to get votes?

It won’t help at all. I cannot think of one single thing in 10 years of politics that will help me here.

Your mate Mike McRoberts has made the cut too. How do you feel about that?

Mike is the “Mighty Totara” of news, I love and respect him. Just being on the same page as him is an honour.

How do you keep in shape?

I walk my dog, a miniature schnauzer called Rocket.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

I don’t like eating hot food inside the office. I also don’t like eating in front of people.

Do you have a campaign song or motto?

Motto: “Yes I Can.”

Song: “Working Class Man” by Jimmy Barnes.

What is your hidden talent?

I make my own kombucha.

Who would you dedicate your win to?

My mum; she was a big reader of Woman’s Day.

Mike McRoberts, 53, Newshub, Auckland

How does it feel to be nominated?

I feel very flattered and very surprised.

McDaddy and McSpunk are just two of the names people call you since Dancing with the Stars. How has this transition from serious newsreader to sex symbol been for you?

Haha! Yes some people have been very creative! The transition from serious newsreader to sex symbol has been very quick and I suspect it’ll be over just as quickly.

How do you stay in shape?

I certainly like to keep fit and have done that over the years with endurance events and regular gym sessions. Dancing was a great way of keeping in shape and a lot more fun than pounding the pavement.

Why do you think you should take out this title?

I wouldn’t presume that I should, but it would be great to have the bragging rights over Paddy!

What’s the one thing people should know more about?

Each other. If we knew more about one another’s cultures and beliefs, we’d be a long way down the track to solving many of the issues we face.

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

When I was younger, I had quite a bad stutter. If you said to me or anyone who knew me back then that I’d one day present the six o’clock news,

they would have fallen about laughing.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Being a dad to two wonderful humans, Ben and Maia.

Jeremy Wells, 42, Seven Sharp, Auckland

He’s touted as the hunk to beat all his media rivals, but Jeremy was too busy chatting to the nation to speak with Woman’s Day, so we put it to his fans…

• “He’s got the lot! Calm, funny, interesting, smooth, awesome voice, charming, honest and soooo good looking!”

• “He’s a bad boy made good and when he looks at me down the lens of a camera with his devastatingly sexy smile, my heart just melts.”

• “He’s got that slightly older mature look – natural good looks, but also a twinkle in his eye that you can’t look past.”

• “Exceptionally good looking, thoroughly lovely guy, voice like liquid chocolate and a wit you could cut steel with.”

• “Well, first off that cheeky smile! He’s always impeccably presented. He’s soooo the whole package.”

Vaughan Smith, ZM, 37, Auckland

He admits he grew his beard out of laziness and his fans can’t get enough of it! The busy dad and radio presenter was voted in the top 10 media hunks once again, and here’s what the public had to say …

• “Vaughan has an odd, sexy dad vibe going on. His great sense of humour paired with good looks contribute to him being the hottest hunk!”

• “Vaughan is incredible. He’s handsome, funny, an amazing dad and a loving husband. He’s got a soft side that he’s not afraid to show – he loves his family so much and he’s the funniest person on radio.”

• “They say there is nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh. Not only is he busy entertaining the nation and making them laugh every morning on ZM and Have You Been Paying Attention?, he is also an amazing husband and father who would do anything for his beautiful family.”

• “Vaughan has made a huge difference across the country from 6am till 10am every morning with his hilarious antics, stories and jokes. He makes everyone smile and has a huge heart, which if you follow him on social media, you’ll see him instil those beautiful qualities in his daughters. Yes, looks are great, but it’s more what’s on the inside that counts and how you treat people. He totally deserves to win.”

Sam Wallace, 38, The Hits, Auckland

He’s been entertaining fans on the radio for years, but recently Sam has hit our TV screens as a contestant on Celebrity Treasure Island and his admirers fell for him even more! Here’s what they had to say …

• “Apart from being easy on the eye, he is also a man of many layers – cheeky, sensitive (on occasion), caring partner and dad.”

• “He has the cutest smile. I’d love to give him a big hug and pinch those gorgeous cheeks of his. He looks like a cute little naughty school boy. I love you!”

• “He’s great-looking and has an amazing personality.”

• “He’s really sexy with his massive smile and his humour.”

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