Woman’s Day On The Go: Snatched premiere

See who we spotted at our Woman's Day premiere of the new flick Snatched.
Nadine Chalmers-RossCarmen Bird

Matilda Rice, Brodie Kane, Nadine Chalmers-Ross and more stepped out at Auckland’s Berkeley Cinema last night to catch the premiere of the new flick Snatched.

Starring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer as a mother-daughter duo on an adventure in South America, the film is in Kiwi cinemas now.

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All photos by Carmen Bird

Holly Collins, Ashley Tauapehi

Brodie Kane, Laura McGoldrick,

Matilda Rice, Leanne McKay

Lauren Dyke, Micaela Wade, Kelly Gillbanks

Liam Carey, Nina Carey

Anglea Angus, Irene Eades

Aimee Tribe, Brodie Kane

Michelle Kean, Renee Caldwell

Shamina Monahan, Anna Flemming

Natasha McDonald, Olivia Morgan, Grace Jackson

Nina Burton, Nadine Higgins

Amy Brown, Alex Hyndman

Amber Wilson, Vanessa Dunn

Kim Hogan, Jo Holley

Aimee Tribe, Brodie Kane

Aimee Tribe, Brodie Kane, Laura McGoldrick, Tim McGoldrick

Gaileen Douglas, Anne Gill

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