Woman’s Day On The Go: Ladies Who Lunch

See who we spotted at the Ladies Who Lunch event in Auckland

Auckland’s scenic Harbourside restaurant played host to a packed event for Ladies Who Lunch yesterday.

Guests enjoyed a delicious menu of award-winning food and wine on arrival, as well as goodie bags.

See more photos from the Ladies Who Lunch event here

All photos by Carmen Bird

Jane Lowe, Kate Jarrett

Danielle Walker-Holt, Collette Gascoigne-Spittle

Anna Jobsz, Nicky Gadson,

Danielle Walker-Holt, Collette Gascoigne-Spittle, Wendy Crenfledt

Torben Landl, Beth Morris

Anna Trubuhovich, Wendy Crenfeldt

Monica Dam, Sam Morrison

Anna Trubuhovich, Anna Jobsz, Wendy Crenfeldt

Tara McGowan, Tamzyn Adding

Blake Rax, Denise Richardson, Amber Hatton

Nikki Ansley, Honor Stratton, Pit Stirrat

Laura Young, Suzanne McCracken

Vanessa Donaldson, Kelly Warton, Bronwyn Dickison, Jodie Dick

Beth Morris, Kate Jarrett, Kelly Coe

Nicky Gadson, Deb Byrnand, Jo Bennett

Makaia Carr, Megan Hutchison

Beth Morris, Kate Jarrett, Makaia Carr, Kelly Coe

Maria Ebner, Olivia Clements

Gretchen Lowe, Lulu Wilcox

Ani Wilson, Nicky Crocker

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