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Watch: A day in the life of Max Key

The former Prime Minister's son invites cameras into his world.
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The former Prime Minister’s son Max has built a public persona for himself over the years, going from party boy DJ to dedicated student.

And now the 21-year-old has invited cameras to take part in ‘a day in his life’ – to show Kiwis what this privileged youth really gets up to.

As part of a campaign for education consultancy Crimson Consulting, Key allowed cameras film him doing everything from attending university to playing in the pool.

Key, who is currently in his fourth year of a bachelor of property and commerce degree, is filmed driving into university – where he explains he needs to start “cramming” for exams.

Later, Max takes cameras on his running route up Mt Eden, before he heads to Japanese restaurant Moto.

“I think I’m more me now than I was a few years ago,” he says.

“I think I was trying to fit into a group that wasn’t actually me.

“Now I’ve got a smaller and a bit closer group of friends than I did.”

In the final part of the clip, Max is seen mixing some music on his laptop, and explaining that he’d love to take his tunes around the world.

“I hope you never let anyone stop what you want to do in life,” Max signs off.

The only son of former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, Max has landed himself in hot water before.

Earlier this year, he filmed himself shouting at a cyclist “real men ride women” from the wheel of his car.

The internet quickly picked this up, with some commenting that in fact “real men don’t live with their parents.”

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