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Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic stars reveal their lucky game items

The ladies have talent on their side, but we got them to reveal the surprising items they keep close for luck!
Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic netball team

After last night’s win over the Central Pulse in Tauranga, the Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic netball team are riding high on a three-game victory streak.

While there’s no doubt the Cold Power Magic team have talent and determination on their side, when it comes to game time, the ladies have a few hidden secrets up their sleeves!

From clothing to jewellery, here are just a few of the lucky items the netball stars have in rotation:

Courtney Tairi (pictured above, far left)

“I wear my gold cross necklace before games and whenever we travel. My family live in Australia and I wear my cross so it is like a part of my family is with me always.”

Kristiana Manu’a (pictured above, second from left)

“I have lucky undies that I wear every game!”

Leana de Bruin (pictured above, third from left)

“I love my arm sweatbands and always usually wear my black ones. (I also have to have my compression tights on for the night).”

Ellen Halpenny (pictured above, second from right)

“I always wear the same two pairs of socks, underpants and game day bra that I purchase for the whole season.”

Joanne Harten (pictured above, far right)

“I always wear the same black Jockey underwear for games and like to lay my netball gear out the night before in the order I’m going to put it on in the morning.”

For your chance to see the Magic face off against the Queensland Firebirds on Monday, 27 June in Hamilton, click here.

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