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This is the one thing Matilda does that annoys Art Green

It's pretty cute actually...
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It’s a question you would expect a funny answer to, however, Art Green’s answer was just plain sweet.

During an interview with The Hits, Art opened up about the most annoying thing that his finance Matilda does.

“I think, hmmm, it’s actually when you wear too much makeup.”

“Yep, he’s not a fan of makeup” said Rice.

“I just think she looks way better without makeup.”

The pair were also asked how they find time for one another with such busy schedules.

“I feel like logistics is seriously our middle name these days”, said Matilda.

“To be honest, before we came in here we were sitting in the car looking at our calendars and planning the next two to three months”, Art added.

“I don’t know where I would be without (his) organisational skills!” said Matilda.

The newly engaged couple have recently returned from Rarotonga, where Art proposed.

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