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The most outrageous red carpet looks ever

Extreme style!

The red carpet isn’t always about chic, sophisticated fashion.

Some stars go to extremes to be the talk of the event.

From Lady Gaga and her meat dress to Miley’s blow up outfit – check out our fav outrageous red carpet looks.

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Miley dresses for the Shock factor! So there are a few of her outfits that could make this list, but this one has balloon letters so it takes top spot.

Ah, Britney and Justin in their classic denim disaster/dream. It all fits together so nicely. Justin’s hat, Britney’s choker, Justin’s glasses and Britney’s decorative belt…

Ok we know Ashley Tisdale was young, but UGG boots at a red carpet!

Madonna’s look at the 2016 Met Gala was certainly not boring!

Cher can do no wrong in our eyes. Except this look!

Gwenyth Paltrow’s sheer top with the big black skirt was certainly outrageous back in the day, with critics calling her out for her braless-number. Today however, this is on the tame side.

You either love it or hate it! But Kim Kardashian clearly adored this floral number.

Vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers cried out over the ridiculousness of Lady Gaga’s famous “meat dress” and fair enough!

Paris Hilton gave us this interesting look!

This teeny tiny dress may have looked okay on Rita Ora if it had fit her. As it was, the Versace number had us holding our breath there wasn’t a major wardrobe malfunction.

Christina Aguilera took the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” to the next level!

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