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The Ladykillers celebrate 10 years together

Sensational songbirds The Ladykillers sing out about being together for 10 years.
Sensational songbirds The Ladykillers sing out about being together for 10 years.

One of New Zealand’s favourite girl groups, The Ladykillers, celebrates 10 years in the industry this month. So we asked Suzanne Lynch, Jackie Clarke and Tina Cross to tell the Weekly about the 10 things they have learned about each other and themselves.

Suzanne Lynch (64)

Fuelled with coffee, former Chick Suzanne says she’s had many magic moments with the ladies.

  1. Jackie is the boss of us – and she is always right, darn it!

  2. I have learned self-discipline. You just have to do the hard yards and learn your part.

  3. Tina is the queen of changing it up and getting it right every time.

  4. One of my favourite memories is a Ladykillers show in Whangarei one December 11th (my birthday). It was magic – the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to me.

  5. To make it look easy is very hard work.

  6. You have to sing fearlessly.

  7. Singing in harmony is wonderful, and we girls have a certain magic together that cannot be easily found.

  8. Drink coffee. Rehearse. Drink coffee. Rehearse. Drink coffee…

  9. Complaints don’t happen often but I did hear one from a guy in the audience, who said, “I thought it wasn’t fair that you girls were having more of a fun time on stage than us – and we, the audience, were having an absolute ball!”

  10. I count myself very, very lucky to still be enjoying such a wonderful career – and with some of my best friends. Thanks, girls.

Jackie Clarke (49)

A sparkly gown is battle dress to Jackie, who is considered to be the band’s “bossy britches”.

  1. I feel totally free when I’m on stage.

  2. I love the spotlight but I prefer to share it with my mates. Singing harmony is the best, especially with Tina and Suzie. I am their biggest fan.

  3. Tina is the “anti-Jackie”. I think that’s why we work so well together. I am the rough to her smooth. She completes me.

  4. Suzie could have her hair on fire, one leg cut off by the lawnmower and a nasty dose of Ebola, and she’d still turn up to the gig and perform like the killer singer that she is. The woman is 100% unstoppable. She’ll still be singing like a 16-year-old when she’s 100.

  5. I need to dress up onstage. Casual Friday just doesn’t cut it with me. A sparkly gown is like battle dress to me and it gets me in the mood. I don’t aim to look sexy, I aim to feel sexy.

  6. Please yourself first. Don’t chase your tail trying to figure out what will please an audience.

  7. Celebrity is fleeting. It comes around in waves like a hormonal flush! A career comes from developing great creative and professional long-term relationships.

  8. “Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare” is my motto.

  9. You will come across some quite destructive personality types in show business. You have to learn how to deal with them and not get destroyed by them. Have a healthy sense of your own self-worth and roll with the punches. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  10. I am bossy. Hopefully “good” bossy?

Tina Cross (56)

It’s been nothing but a dream run for Tina who says she’s the high-maintenance member of the group.

  1. In a group situation, if you want something to last, you have to like the people you’re singing with. I mean, really like them!

  2. Respect between women in the same profession is an almighty plus!

  3. There is a head girl and the rest of us fall in to make things flow easily. Our head girl “bossy britches” is Jackie!

  4. The rehearsal is never satisfying unless we have plenty to eat. We all turn up with food to share.

  5. I grew up admiring The Chicks. Suzanne is an inspiration and because she is still a powerhouse singer, I’ve learned that age has nothing to do with longevity in this business – it’s about attitude!

  6. Jackie is the total package. She can sing anything, she is funny, witty and smart. She’s also the only person I know who hates wearing make-up unless she’s on stage.

  7. Sometimes we spend more time with each other than our families. We all have the same work ethic.

  8. We have each other’s backs. If one of us is sick, even in a solo singing situation, the others will cover. To add to that, Jackie rarely gets sick and Suzanne has to be almost dying before she’ll cancel. On the other hand, I cause the biggest fuss. If the girls say I’m high maintenance, it’s true!

  9. We really enjoy each other’s company to the point where we will hang out on an overseas trip together, or even head to my bach just to rehearse.

  10. We’re honest with each other. When it comes to song choices, what frocks to wear or what photo to choose, we can ask each other’s opinion and know that whatever is given back, is from the heart. And if you don’t want to hear it, don’t ask!

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The Ladykillers will be joining the Auckland Girls’ Choir in a very special 10th birthday concert on September 6 in Auckland.

For more information, visit ticketek.co.nz

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