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The craziest VMA outfits of all time

Of course Lady Gaga made the list a few times...

This Monday is the 33rd anniversary of MTV’s Video Music Awards, where the biggest names in the music business will bring out their wildest ensembles for one night only.

We take a look back and relive the most memorable outfits from VMA history.

Rose McGowan may have accidentally pulled a thread too many on her way to the VMAs in 1998.

Andy Dick gave the press more than they bargained for in this pink outfit. We just hope he knows how to skate properly!

Lil’ Kim’s 1999 purple jumpsuit seemed to be missing half the bodice…

Macy Gray must have been in a rush to get to the VMAs in 2001 because she showed up in a shower cap. By the way, the back of her dress read “BUY IT.”

Shameless self promotion much?

Christina Aguilera must have come to the 2003 VMAs straight from a Sesame Street audition…

In 2001, Christina couldn’t find a top, so she hitched up her belt and worked it. No, not really. But her skirt could have been a belt.

We can’t really say too much about Gwen Stefani’s 1998 ensemble, because this has come back around and would be acceptable today… almost…

Tommy Lee’s outfit was strange enough in 1999, but Pamela Anderson’s ensemble had us wondering how she had managed not to see a mirror and reconsider.

Lil’ Kim’s outfit at the 2001 VMAs was certainly lil’… Anna Faris’ (left) expression really says it all…

In 2007 Lil Mama decided to embrace her inner child, or maybe Lil’ Bo Peep?

Lady Gaga was covered in blood for her performance at the 2013 VMAs

In 2009, Lady Gaga mustn’t have felt like having her makeup done so she just coveredher face with… this… Kudos, we say.

Ah, who could forget the meat dress of 2010?

No seriously, if you could forget this, tell us how. This is burned into our brains forever.

In 2011, Nicki Minaj couldn’t decide what to wear, so she wore it all. Apparently even the bathroom mirror.

In 2012, Nicki seemed to be going for police/villian/lingerie… There’s a lot going on here.

Madonna channeled Marie Antoinette for the 25th Anniversary of her hit song Vogue in 1990.

At this point we are wondering if Lady Gaga is even being serious with this. Here she is dressed as… fancy paper? in 2013.

And a Mermaid warrior… also in 2013.

Amber Rose made it onto plenty of worst dressed lists in 2014, but she was wearing a hell of a lot more clothes than some people on this list.

Jeremy Scott’s 2014 outfit is wacky but we just can’t bring ourselves to dislike this smiley, yellow number.

Youtube star and the internet’s favourite grandma, Baddie Winkle, rocked this Discount Universe outfit like the octogenarian boss she is.

In 2015, La la seemed to have arrived on the wrong planet for the VMAs. Who knew Mars was holding theirs on the same day?

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose wore these matching feminist statement outfits in 2015. Good for them.

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