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The Block NZ contestants caught in bed together

Who was caught getting cosy on camera?
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Love is in the air on The Block NZ.

Sparks have been flying between rival contestants Sam Cable and Emma Diamond, and on Wednesday night’s episode, the pair were “caught” on camera waking up together in the same bed.

“I slept in, I was supposed to get into my bed,” Emma could be heard saying under the sheets as she joked that she “must have sleepwalked” her way in there.

While the pair tried to hide under the covers of Sam’s bed, Emma was soon forced to make a run for it – leaving a shirtless Sam behind.

His Block partner Emmett Vallender admitted he had spent the night sleeping on the scaffolding, while Emma’s partner Courtney McVay was confused about where her friend was.

News of the rumoured romance travelled fast around Block HQ, and it hasn’t surprised many of their competitors.

Dyls and Dylz were spotted cheering the two on from their house, telling the cameras, “We knew it was coming, we could see the love blossoming in the air from day one”.

The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys airs Sunday nights at 7:00pm and Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm on TV3

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