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Teuila Blakely talks summer and skinny-dipping

Former Shortland Street actress Teuila Blakely shares her tips for greater body confidence.
Teuila Blakely

After four years of playing nurse Vasa Levi on Shortland Street, Samoan actress Teuila Blakely got a brand-new look after leaving the TV2 show in June. She’s chopped her hair short and is loving the new ‘do she’s now sporting.

“I had Vasa’s hairstyles for four years. After Shorty, I wanted to do something that was entirely me,” the stunning actress says, beaming from ear to ear.

This summer is the perfect time for Teuila to show off her new look while relaxing in Auckland. And although the mother-of-one feels a strong connection to our Kiwi summers, it’s an island far, far away that holds a special place in her heart.

Hawaii holds a special place in Teuila’s heart.

“Hawaii was the first island I ever visited,” she says. “My grandmother lived there for many years and is buried there. It will always be my favourite place.”

In terms of her body image, Teuila readily admits that she would rather swim naked than wear a swimsuit, admitting, “It’s far more comfortable.”

She’s not entirely certain where this inherent confidence is drawn from, though, and confesses she has a hard time pinpointing a single female icon as her role model. “There are good role models everywhere. Women should pick those who inspire them personally.”

It’s unneccesary, Teuila believes, to spend time worrying about one’s physical appearance. She follows this simple mantra: “Life is too short to have anything other than a positive body image!”

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