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Teuila Blakely slams Flava radio host for alleged ‘bullying’

The Kiwi actress has taken to social media to speak out against Flava FM’s Athena Angelou.
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Teuila Blakely has slammed Flava FM host Athena Angelou in a series of posts on social media, accusing the radio personality of encouraging bullying of herself and her son.

The news comes after Blakely spoke to Canvas magazine for an extensive profile.

Her comments in the article appeared to have sparked a response from Angelou, which Teuila later called out on her own social media.

“I’m rolling out the welcome mat for the females suffering from internalised misogyny … @flavaradio thanks for allowing one of your on air staff who shall remain nameless coz she actually is, for publicly encouraging online bullying of myself and my son,” Blakely wrote on Instagram.

“I am a foundation DJ of this station and tell me exactly what I’ve done to deserve this … Each to their own but do not allow someone who has a responsibility to broadcast with integrity like I have always done to do this.”

Angelou herself responded with a series of now-deleted posts on Facebook, claiming that she didn’t intend to “bring down anyone” and had extended an invitation to Blakely to talk things over.

However, Blakely said she was the one who had initially reached out.


Blakely’s 25-year-old son Jared has since come to his mother’s defence online, posting a lengthy Facebook message directly addressing the claims.

“No one else is ever there when my mother is upset because people get to throw their aggression and frustration and go free reign on her. But I am,” he wrote.

“You all get to write your hate speech and abuse and laugh about it and think it’s all fun. But it’s not for me, because I have to watch my mum cry and stress and hurt.

“Because after all these years. People are still, the horrible ones.

“What my mother did wasn’t horrible, her interviews and how she recovered from it wasn’t horrible, her life and what she has achieved isn’t horrible, she has never committed a horrible act. Yet people … are so horrible to her,” he wrote.

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