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Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker has been arrested

The man was caught following the pop star, breaking a lifetime restraining order.
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a lifetime restraining order against Frank Andrew Hoover, but that didn’t stop him from following the star recently.

The 39-year-old Texas man is required to stay 500 feet away from the Shake it Off singer at all times but was recently caught being much closer than that.

Page Six reports that police records say Frank followed Taylor’s car after a concert late last month into a private area of the Austin-Bergstron International Airport.

The affidavit says the alleged stalked came within 50 feet of the star and tried to talk airport workers into letting him get on the plane with her.

He was arrested with a bond set at $100,000.

Frank Andrew Hoover has a lifetime restraining order against Taylor.

He has been previously caught allegedly stalking Taylor, as well as sending threatening emails to her father.

Meanwhile a piece of evidence in Taylor’s sexual assault case against a DJ has been leaked to the public.

TMZ published the controversial photo that shows the songstress stating next to her accused assaulter David Mueller at the meet-and-greet at which she alleges the occurrence took place.

Taylor has claimed that at the moment the photo was taken, the Colorado DJ reached up and touched her rear under her skirt.

Tay won’t be happy that the photo leaked against her wishes.

In the photo, Taylor can be seen with her arm around the DJ, while his hand appears to be below her waist.

A judge had granted the blonde pop star the right to have one of the photos of the incident sealed from the public before the case goes to trial.

But Tay was denied further requests, including a request to withhold any other evidence.

David has denied any wrongdoing and is suing the singer over her allegations.

You better not diss Taylor Swift, or her squad will get mad… REALLY mad. Watch what happens in the video below.

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