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Suzanne Paul: ‘I’m 60, single and starting over’

The bubbly media personality opens up about her life-changing year.
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Over the years, Suzanne Paul had fairly firm ideas and expectations about how her life would look when she hit the big 6-0.

But as she shared her milestone day, relaxing with New Zealand Woman’s Weekly team, she revealed her life hasn’t quite followed the plan she’d envisaged.

“You think by now you’ll have your head sorted out and you won’t make mistakes like you did when you were young – that you’ll be organised moneywise and man-wise, and won’t have any problems, but of course you do,” she quietly told the Weekly.

Indeed, having split earlier this year from her husband of 11 years, Duncan Wilson, Suzanne never expected to wake up on her 60th birthday, single and starting over.

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Although, she happily tells the Weekly that she didn’t wake up to an empty house, as she feared she might. As the couple were still working out their new living arrangements, Duncan was there at home with her on her big day.

“I was glad to have him there on my birthday,” she told the Weekly. “I didn’t want to wake up and be by myself. I thought that would feel really sad.”

After breakfast at home, Suzanne headed out for a much-needed day of TLC at a day spa with New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

There, she spoke candidly about the split, and how she’s navigating divorce whilst trying to stay positive.

Whilst reflecting on the ups and downs of her six decades, she shared her greatest worry, as well as her greatest go-tos for keeping her spirits up and defying her age!

For the full story, see the latest issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

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