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Stan Walker shares heartbreaking trailer to his new doco 'Stan' detailing his health battles

'What if I can't sing again? That's my bread and butter.'

Kiwi singer Stan Walker has released a trailer to his new feature-length documentary Stan, soon to air on Three.
It was revealed in January that Walker had been battling health issues, and there was speculation that he might have had surgery for stomach cancer.
Walker has a rare cancer causing gene called CHH1 which has caused the deaths of more than 25 members of his family including his grandfather Rangi.
His mother April was diagnosed in 2016 with lobular breast cancer, also caused by the gene, and in September that year Walker postponed his New Zealand tour to help her recover.
Figures show that 70 per cent of those carrying the CDH1 gene will develop stomach cancer by the time the reach their 40's. Members of Walker's family have had surgery to remove their stomachs as a pre-emtive measure and it is thought that Walker has also had the surgery.
Stan performs on Waitangi day this year after talk of his health problems first came to light.
Walker posted the trailer (which you can watch in the player above) to his social media channels.
"The biggest thing I think I've ever had to share with the world," he said. "Thank you @threenewzealand for letting me do this the way I want to and allowing me to document probably the most vulnerable time of my life."
The trailer shows Walker in hospital, surrounded by family. His mother prays for him as he lies in a hospital bed. Tears roll down his cheek. "What if I can't sing again?" he is heard asking. "That's my bread and butter."
He describes his situation as "like a curse" and talks about how scary "the unknown" and "death" is.

In February, Stan took to Instagram to pay tribute to his cousin who had just had his stomach removed.
"Proud of my lil cousin," he wrote. "It's only been weeks since getting his stomach out from having cancer & now hes out & about with us all... bloody beautiful man...my heart is overwhelmed with joy...cancer u aint sh*t... here is to actually living your best life my kuzz."