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Singer Anastacia reveals her addiction to Botox

She burst onto the music scene in 2000 and has since sold 30 million records, but now Anastacia has revealed that success sometimes comes at a devastating price.

Anastasia chatted to the Daily Mail about how fame and fortune led to an addiction to Botox and extreme measures in order to maintain her super star appearance.

“’I went crazy for Botox in my thirties, I would get it done every three months. But right after my divorce, [to former bodyguard Wayne Newton in 2010,] I realised I needed to stop.”

And it would seem now that the I’m Outta Love singer has come to terms with her looks.

“Now I love seeing my face move. I did it all too early and it was too much. Now I love a ponytail. When the hair is pulled back, I feel like Young-a-stacia,” she quipped.

Perhaps her addiction to cosmetic help was due to the fact that for a large portion of her career she lied about her age, telling the world she was 22 when in reality Anastacia was 30.

“I went on a television show and you had to be under 29,” she said to the Daily Mail, “Sony didn’t ever make me do it. I went along with it for years, but I told the truth when I went to another label. I felt so guilty.”

Anastacia revealed that in the past she had an addiction to Botox and makeup.

“Journalists would be asking me when I was born and how old my sister was and I would panic. But everyone does it,” she added.

“I thought that was what you were supposed to do. I thought it meant that I had made it. But I really don’t know how people can keep up with the lie.”

Now at 47, despite her past addiction to Botox, she hasn’t ruled out having plastic surgery.

“I don’t think I have to do anything now, but I don’t think I would be scared of it. This area [her forehead] is still looked at by a maintenance programme.”

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The singer’s road to happiness hasn’t been an easy one, she’s fought breast cancer twice and even joined a self-help group for an addiction to make up.

“I had a full weave of extensions down my back and then I had an allergy to eyelash glue, which wasn’t a good look. I had to go to make-up users anonymous, or something.”

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