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Sharyn Casey opens up about her heartbreaking miscarriages

The radio host gets candid about a very personal story
Sharyn Casey

In a blog post titled “Real Talk on: Miscarriages”, the TV presenter and radio host revealed how her dreams of starting a family with husband Bryce were shattered not once, but twice after sadly suffering two miscarriages in a row.

She first became pregnant last year, and she writes that she and Bryce immediately began planning for the future with their long-awaited little one.

“I was happy beyond belief, every moment revolved around doing the right thing by my baby … I have never felt such intense love for something I’d never met,” Sharyn revealed.

However, their joy turned to shock during their six-week scan when the nurse was unable to pick up any signs of the baby.

“I feel like a failure, I head into full panic mode,” Sharyn wrote of her reaction to the heartbreaking news.

After a few months, Sharyn said she and Bryce began trying for a baby again – and they were elated when she fell pregnant for the second time. However, more heartbreak was in store for the embattled couple, as Sharyn’s doctor said she would lose the baby again.

“She then went on to tell me that ‘after a third one, we can refer you to a fertility doctor,’ which enraged me,” Sharyn wrote.

“We’ve started trying again now with no luck, every month is a solid reminder of the 2 babies we lost,” she continued.

“I wish I could just let it go but I can’t, it feels like every period is a funeral of what should’ve been.”

Sharyn with co-host Dominic Bowden on Dancing With The Stars last year. Photo: Supplied

The former Dancing With The Stars presenter says the emotional ordeal is still taking its toll, but in spite of the pain, she wanted to speak up to support others going through the same journey.

“Miscarriages have this weird stigma of feeling like you failed and you feel embarrassed, like you’re the only one that it’s happened too [sic],” she wrote.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, I don’t want pity, I want awareness. I want other couples to know that you don’t have to hide the fact you had a miscarriage, that was your baby.

“You had dreams for that baby. You loved that baby and you do not have to hide that, which is why Bryce and I are pretty open about it now and we’re not embarrassed to talk about it, we don’t want other couples to feel how we felt and still feel sometimes.”

You can read Sharyn’s full blog post here.

Sharyn with her co-hosts Guy Williams and Clint Roberts. Photo: Instagram

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