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Sharon Osbourne speaks out: ‘I can’t keep living like this’

The TV host returned to the set of The Talk this morning, where she had her own piece to say about the split from Ozzy
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In her first appearance on the show since her marriage crisis hit headlines, Sharon Osbourne looked calm and composed as she confirmed she had indeed kicked Ozzy out of the house.

The Black Sabbath rocker is alleged to have cheated on his wife of almost 34 years with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. When the news was revealed earlier this week, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed Ozzy had moved out of their LA home – but Sharon has now revealed that Ozzy has since returned and she has moved out.

Today she returned to The Talk after taking a personal day, to clarify her feelings about the split.

Sharon and Ozzy in happier times, being interviewed on a late night show.

“He’s given me an unbelievable life and he’s given me three gorgeous children and I love him,” she said, adding that she was still making up her mind as to whether the rift was permanent.

“I’m just trying to take it all in … and process it.”

Despite the stress of the split, Sharon went on to say that she was “doing great”.

“I really, really am. I’m honestly empowered and I have found this inner strength and I’m like, ‘What’s next’.”

Ozzy himself released a statement about the rumours yesterday, denying any claims that a relapse was to blame for the separation.

“I have been sober for three and a quarter years,” he told E! News. “I have not touched drugs or alcohol in that time. Any reports that I am not sober are completely inaccurate.”

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Ozzy, 67, and Sharon, 63, first met in the ‘70s just as Black Sabbath was beginning to rise to fame. Sharon – the daughter of a music promoter and rock and roll entrepreneur – later became Ozzy’s manager, and was widely credited for breathing new life into his heavy metal career by establishing the Ozzfest summer touring festival.

The couple have had their fair share of ups and downs during their marriage, with Sharon revealing earlier this year that she had caught two of the children’s nannies “in bed with Ozzy” at different times.

“He’s out of his mind and he’s calling them his first wife, he’s calling them me,” she revealed, explaining that her husband hadn’t been sober at the time.

The split news came weeks after Sharon revealed she was bisexual, adding that it was too late to experiment now.

In 2013, they went on a temporary break after Ozzy had a relapse after years of staying sober, with Sharon telling her The Talk co-hosts at the time that she “never knew that he was using prescription drugs.”

“I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn’t realise to the extent,” she revealed.

Sharon and Ozzy with two of their children – Kelly (left) and Jack (right).

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