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Russell Crowe holds an 'Art of Divorce' auction

It's been 6 years since the actor and his ex-wife divorced.

In light of his 54th birthday and what would have been his 15th wedding anniversary, Russell Crowe held an 'Art of Divorce' auction.
The actor and singer Danielle Spencer divorced in 2012.
The auction, which was held in Sydney, made for some serious competitive bidding.
Crowe's torso armor from Gladiator sold for a huge $125,000 and his famous Cinderella Man jockstrap went for $7,000.
It seems the Gladiator memorabilia was very popular, with the famous replica chariot going for $65,000.
The violin played by Crowe's character in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, sold for $135,000 to a keen bidder.
Russell Crowe at the screening for Master and Commander: Far Side of the World in New York.
The New Zealand-born actor was at the auction, telling his keen bidders that the sale was all about "moving on."
No better way to move forward from a divorce than to sell your belongings, Crowe!