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Lorde admits to Australian radio hosts she had no idea Russell Crowe was a Kiwi

The pop star seemed genuinely surprised to find out the actor was born in New Zealand.
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Kiwi pop sensation Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, was left scratching her head recently over an on-air trivia question about Kiwi-born actor Russell Crowe.

The hitmaker, who’d previously boasted she had some solid pub quiz trivia skills, said she thought Crowe was an Australian, through and through.

The question about the birth place of the actor came during a quick fire trivia quiz on Australian radio station Triple J after the singer listened to a clip from the film Gladiator.

Taking a few moments to consider the question, Lorde took a stab at the answer and asked “Is he from New Zealand – Russell Crowe?”

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“I thought he was as Australian as they come,” she said, “is he not? I’m bad at this.”

The musician also had a bit of a memory-moment when she was questioned about where green sits on a traffic light – despite her new single being named Green Light.

She put her slow reply down to the fact she’s not able to drive.

Lorde is currently in Sydney promoting her new album Melodrama which is set to be released June 16.

In addition to Green Light, the album’s first single, Lorde recently debuted new tracks off Melodrama at American Music Festival, Coachella.

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