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Robert Rakete’s Christmas plans: ‘It’ll be a breeze!’

The father-of-five has got his shopping covered.
Jae Frew

When it comes to Christmas, Robert Rakete doesn’t have a great track record. “Last year, a friend came over with a very expensive piece of meat and I was in charge of the barbecue,” the vegetarian radio presenter cringes. “I turned my back for a second and people were yelling because it caught fire. I managed to kill the steak twice! So this year, I’ll stick to making salads.”

And then there was the time the dad-of-five was charged with keeping the tree alive when the rest of his family went on holiday just before the big day. “It was my one job and the kids ended up opening their presents under this brown, half-naked tree. I killed that too. I’m no good with Christmas!”

However, the Breeze breakfast co-host, 54, does have the family’s gifts all sorted. He grins, “I’m the king of presents. Man, I love shopping. I could spend all day at the mall.”

Is there anyone more jolly than Santa? Yes.. Robbie!

On December 11, Rob will host Coca-Cola Christmas on The Breeze live from 7am – the on-air event is replacing Auckland’s annual Christmas in the Park festivities – and on the big day itself, he’ll be at home as his children and their partners pop in and out.

He tells us, “When people ask me what I want for Christmas, I always say, ‘I just want my kids to be happy, that’s all.’ My mum had this saying, ‘You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child,’ and it’s so true. If my kids are happy, it’s a very merry Christmas for me. I’m just so grateful we’ve all come out the other side of 2020 in one piece.”

As for his New Year’s resolution? Rob smiles, “I just want to keep waking up in the mornings, going to work, having a great time – and spending more time with my wife ‘cos she’s hot!”

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