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Renee Wright opens up about her post-baby body

The mum-of-three and TVNZ 1 weather presenter talks about regaining her body confidence after pregnancy.

With her youngest child arriving just last year, mum-of-three and TVNZ 1 weather presenter Renee Wright lives a full-on life.

She talks about regaining her body confidence after pregnancy and how she maintains her wellbeing.

Q. Has the way you feel about your body changed as you’ve aged?

“Physically, giving birth is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. I have something called a ‘silent labour’. There’s no warning and it goes straight from zero to 100. Nothing has time to stretch so it’s pretty violent.

I always thought I had quite a low pain threshold but it turns out that I can handle quite a bit.

With all three of them the pain has been so bad that you go out of yourself. It’s pretty amazing what the body can do. And then you get the best reward.

Of course everyone has parts of their body they’re not happy with and I’m no different.

Before you have babies things are in certain places. Afterwards they’re not.

Having your belly stretched three times and having everything drop and head south… well, let’s just say gravity is quite cruel. To expect that you’re going to bounce back – it just doesn’t happen. 

When I’m breastfeeding I carry fat all around my back. Until I stop feeding, it stays there. It is what it is and it’s for a reason. You just have to be kind to yourself.

I also get more cellulite. I did some research on it and it said that when your oestrogen is higher you carry more water, so it makes sense.

I think it takes about two years for your body to return to normal. I think my body was just starting to get back to normal and then I got pregnant again.”

Quick fire with Renee

Favourite healthy meal: A salad or Japanese – I love sashimi.

Least favourite exercise: Burpees or running. I wish I could love running because people who do seem to get so much out of it but it’s not my jam.

What’s your daily beauty routine: As fast as possible. I take all the kids into the bathroom. I’m in and out of the shower and then a bit of moisturiser, a tinted moisturiser, some mascara and that’s about it. Lip gloss in the car once everyone’s contained.

What’s the most underrated workout? Dancing. We have discos in the living room with the kids and I get a beat on! Either that or the trampoline.

Have you ever tried any ridiculous fitness trends? The power plate thing. I thought it was great at the time but I’m not sure what was happening – I don’t think a lot. I think I just felt itchy from my fat being jiggled around.

When I’m feeling stressed I need to… Go to boot camp. Or have a massage. If I can squeeze in a massage I feel so good.

Fitness goals: I just want to be active most days, whether that’s boot camp or a walk. I’ve always wanted to try paddle boarding – maybe this year!

As told to Nicky Dewe

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