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P Diddy tops Forbes highest paid entertainer list

The musician made a staggering sum of money in the last 12 months.
Sean Combs has topped the Forbes 100 celebrity rich list

Forbes has just released their celebrity rich list for 2017, and while Sean Combs (aka Diddy) took out the number one spot, last year’s pole position winner took a radical dive, coming in at 49th.

Before we give you the details of who took the hit, we want to reveal that Diddy – the rapper-turned-businessman – made a sweet $130 million over the past year. While Diddy did sell a one-third stake in his Sean John clothing line, his overall earn which included an arena tour, broke down to more than a cool $10 million a month.

So while Puff Daddy – as he was known earlier in his career – is at the top spot, last year’s high roller, Taylor Swift has dropped to 49th.

Taylor Swift was at number one last year, now she’s sitting at 49th place on the rich list. Photo: Getty Images

That’s right, just 12 months ago Swift topped the list earning $170 million, this year Forbes show she only pulled in a humble (by celebrity standard) $44 million.

Others racing up the list include Beyoncé who came in at number two with $105 million, and The Weeknd who debuted for the first time with $92 million.

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Check out the top 10 list of celebrities rolling in the green below:

  1. Diddy, $130 million

  2. Beyoncé, $105 million

  3. J.K. Rowling, $95 million

  4. Drake, $94 million

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo, $93 million

  6. The Weeknd, $92 million

  7. Howard Stern, $90 million

  8. Coldplay, $88 million

  9. James Patterson, $87 million

  10. LeBron James, $86 million

In case you’re interested, here’s the full list of the Forbes Celebrity 100.

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