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New Zealand needs its own Jamie Oliver, says celebrity chef

Jamie Oliver wants Kiwis to keep campaigning for healthier eating.
Jamie Oliver

The British celebrity chef, who has been fighting the good fight in the UK with his anti-obesity campaigns, wants New Zealanders to keep pushing for better health.

Jamie told the New Zealand Herald our food industry had a lot to be proud of, but there was still more to be done to combat the issue of rising obesity and to campaign for healthy eating.

“Not being funny, but that’s why you need a Kiwi version of me. Not that I’m saying I’m superman but CEOs and Governments are short term. They normally all change in four years. All of them,” he told the paper.

“What really matters in food education, the food system and productivity is long term.”

Jools Oliver and Jamie have just celebrated the arrival of baby number five!

While Jamie (41) has had his hands full recently following the birth of baby number five – River Rocket – he’s also been on the campaign trail for his new book Super Food Family Classics.

The recipe book is packed with ideas for healthy eating, and the recipes run side-by-side with nutritional information, such as the number of fruit and vege portions in each dish.

Jamie said it was the “challenge of the planet” to get people to eat more veges.

“The challenge of the planet is to get people to eat more vegetables and as boring as that might sound, the most exciting food cultures in the world are all big on veg, whether it’s pickles or salsas or sauces.”

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