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Naz Khanjani and Bella Henry announce fight

The reality TV star and daughter of Paul Henry confirm boxing showdown

By Sinead Corcoran
The Bachelor star has now confirmed she will be taking on Bella Henry, daughter of TV presenter Paul Henry.
The women appeared on Paul Henry’s show this morning to announce their upcoming fight, on Saturday October 1st.
"Life's all about taking risks, grabbing every opportunity you can and just going for it," said Naz.
"There have been a few days where I ask myself - why did I sign up for this? It is tough, but we're tough girls!"
Bella had originally put her hand up to fight Naz in her first boxing match in June, but lost out to Mai FM Lily Taurau.
“You want a nose job? Well I'm going to give you one," she challenged Naz previously.
Naz was later forced to withdraw from the fight after contracting a kidney infection resulting in hospitalisation.
While the pair appeared civil during the interview, they discussed their differing opinions on how “friendly” they should be to each other.
"I think you have to remain really neutral in the ring, and I think if you hated each other it'd be really easy to get distracted," said Bella.
“If you really like someone though, it’s a bit harder to punch them in the face,” disagreed Naz.
"No one wants to be punched in the face," said Bella. "No one wants to get hit, it's horrible! But we are obviously so strong it doesn't matter what kind of people we're seen as, because this is such a big deal."
Naz and Bella will fight ahead of Joseph Parker's fight against Alexander Dimitrenko at Auckland's Vodafone Events Centre.

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