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Naomi Campbell Instagrams embarassing Photoshop fail

Supermodel Naomi Campbell posted an awkward social media faux pas this afternoon on Instagram

The 46 year old uploaded a photo of herself with designer Pedro Lourenco, to celebrate his birthday.

Her followers quickly noticed that a few things in the image looked peculiar, and it had seemed to have been edited poorly on Photoshop.

“Is his arm okay?” asked a follower.

“Photoshop much? You distorted his freaking arm!” said another.

“His arm is on backwards,” wrote another fan.

The strangest part of the photo was Pedro’s arm, which seems to have been warped.

Fans suggested that the embarrassing distortions were most likely a result of Naomi’s bad Photoshopping in an attempt to reduce her waist size.

Naomi has since deleted the photo from her Instagram account.

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