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Meet Terenzo Bozzone’s little champion

Meet Ironman champ Terenzo Bozzone's gorgeous bundle of joy!
Terenzo Bozzone baby

Despite his jet-setting life and very European name, adorable, blue-eyed baby Cavallo Laurent Aragnetti Bozzone – the firstborn child of Ironman champ Terenzo Bozzone – is a proud Auckland-born Kiwi.

“We wanted a strong, different name to reflect his European heritage but we also call him Cav or Cavvie, which is kinda Kiwi,” laughs mum Kelly, a jewellery designer. “Laurent is French for Lawrence, which is my maiden name, and my dad had three girls, so we wanted to carry on the line somehow.”

“And Aragnetti is my middle name,” reveals Terenzo, who grew up in South Africa but has Italian heritage. “Even though I couldn’t spell it until I was about 13!”

The couple admit they struggled to name the tot after he was born on July 20.

“It took us two weeks – it’s not easy naming a baby,” smiles Kelly. “We both pretty much liked the same names – well, T liked most of them.”

Eventually Cavallo – Italian for horse – won out.

“When we first met,” tells Kelly, “we went to the races and I bet on a horse, Cavallo, and won lots of money. I always liked the name! And one of my favourite designers is Roberto Cavalli.”

As tanned and toned Terenzo rubs his tired eyes from interrupted sleep and midnight feeds, the 30-year-old athlete is visibly smitten with Cavallo. But he admits having a new-born is playing havoc with his training schedule.

“The hardest part is waking up in the middle of the night to feed and him and I want to eat too!” he laughs.

And already, the tot is already proving a natural athlete. “His hand-eye coordination is pretty good,” tells Terenzo, “and he’s already had a swim in the ocean.”

For more on Terenzo and his adorable baby boy, pick up your copy of this week’s Woman’s Day.

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