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Meet funny girl Rose Matafeo

Rose Matafeo often does ridiculous things wearing silly costumes on TV3’s comedy show Jono and Ben at Ten, but she only has herself to blame.

She often does ridiculous things wearing silly costumes on TV3’s comedy show Jono and Ben at Ten, but Rose Matafeo only has herself to blame. The 22-year-old former stand-up comic not only stars in a number of the show’s skits but writes many of the jokes. As the show returns this week, Rose tells the Weekly what it’s really like working with the boys, including her ex-boyfriend Guy Williams.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to do on the show?

I had to wear a rather audacious wedding dress in the Auckland domain and people thought I was a bride getting her photos done, presumably without a groom. I would’ve looked insane.

Tell us what the boys have lined up for the new season. Will you be thrown into the thick of it?

I don’t even know if I have a job on it yet, they won’t reply to my emails. I just show up to the office and write in the corner.

You write for the show as well as taking part in the skits, tell us about the writing process?

I sit at a table with my fellow writers Nic Sampson and Joseph Moore and drink a lot of coffee and tea and eat toast and biscuits until inspiration strikes. Basically, we just try to make each other laugh. There’s a lot of laughing. I think everyone in the office is sick of us to be honest.

Do you ever feel outnumbered by the guys?

No, I mean, yes. I am outnumbered, but they’re all just regular human beings. Although, if it came down to it, I could definitely take any one of them in a fight and I think they know that.

What does your mum think of your sense of humour?

She thinks I’m hilarious, which is what all mums should think of their daughters.

What’s it like working with your ex, Guy Williams?

I’m not sure. I bet he would welcome answering what it’s like to work with me!

What drives you to do what you do – why not get a nice, safe desk job?

Because that’s boring and writing and performing on a comedy show is exciting and fun. Also, I’m a 22-year-old idiot with absolutely no responsibilities at the moment, so I may as well.

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