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Max Key tells all

In his first interview since his dad John Key's shock resignation, the social media star opens up about the controversial move and his career goals
Max Key

He might be the former Prime Minister’s son, but DJ Max Key is determined to be taken seriously as a musician. As he releases his third dance music track, the irrepressible 21-year-old tells Woman’s Day, “I want to be the best in the world.”

With dreams of playing to crowds of thousands, the Auckland social media star hopes that people will love his new single All The Way, which he launches today. The music video was filmed in Fiji, with a shirtless Max teaming up with a beautiful bikini-clad model for paddle-boarding and parasailing.

Speaking out for the first time since his dad John Key’s shock resignation in December, Max – who proudly takes style inspiration from Justin Bieber – lifts the lid on his extraordinary life. He tells us he’s enjoying a new kind of freedom now his dad is out of the top job.

“I can do stuff now and people can’t be like, ‘oh it’s just because your dad is Prime Minister’.”

Max also shares with Woman’s Day his highlights from his adventures with his dad, and reveals what really went on during their weekend at Balmoral with the Queen!

Behind the scenes: Max films his music video in Fiji.

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While there’s no doubt he’s a polarising character, Max tells us he tries not to let his haters get to him. One day, he hopes he’ll be known for his music rather than for his last name.

“I have been called every name under the sun. It more just drives me to want to work harder.”

To see Max’s music video for All The Way, go to www.maxkey.nz

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