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Meet Survivor host Matt Chisholm’s newest tribe member

The doting dad introduces Woman's Day to his bundle of joy
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Newly 40 Matt Chisholm got the best birthday present of all this year – a baby boy!

Little Bede Dennis, with his deep-grey eyes and head of dark hair, made his way into the world on the 4th of September.

“I was instantly besotted with the little dude,” beams Matt, the newly-appointed host of Survivor New Zealand. “I could spend all day gazing into his eyes.”

Sadly, however, the first-time father was missing in action for Bede’s arrival. Matt was a 23-hour plane ride away in Nicaragua filming scenes for the all-new reality show when his wife, Ellen, went into labour back home in Auckland.

“When they first started talking to me about the job, the dates looked fine, but as we went down the track we discovered I was probably going to be out of the country,” he explains. “I was away for 47 days and was torn about the decision right up until I got home.”

While there is no question their bonny boy – who’s a chatterbox just like his broadcaster daddy – has enriched the new parents’ lives, Matt and Ellen are candid about the challenges of raising a baby.

After Bede’s arrival Ellen began experiencing symptoms of post-natal depression. To support his wife, Matt stood down from his demanding role on Seven Sharp and picked up some more family-friendly hours with Fair Go, and the couple focused on getting the professional and practical help they needed.

With love and constant support the couple weathered the storm, and Matt couldn’t be happier with his beautiful family.

He gushes, “I’ve got all I ever wanted.”

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