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‘Home Alone’ star’s hilarious response to web hoax

Former child star Macaulay Culkin has hit back at online rumours claiming he had died
Macaulay Culkin's hilarious response to web hoax

Macaulay, best known to many as the adorable star of the Home Alone movies, was the latest celebrity to get tangled up in fake death rumours over the weekend.

After social media users started sharing the (false) news, the 34-year-old took to Twitter and Instagram to reassure fans he was very much alive – even poking fun at the rumours as well!

Macaulay, who is currently on tour with his pizza-themed covers band the Pizza Underground, shared several pictures of himself going for lunch, grabbing a drink, and performing on stage with his fellow band members – some posted with the hashtag “#imalive”.

In some pictures, he even played dead in a reference to 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie’s, imitating the dead main character Bernie Lomax.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has fallen victim to a death hoax, so Macaulay’s at least in good company! Morgan Freeman, Jon Bon Jovi, Usher, Cher and other stars have all been forced to reassure their fans over the years that they’re still here – Cher even addressed the “huge Twitterfest” hoax during her appearance on the Graham Norton show in 2013.

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