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Lynette Forday: ‘Imperfections are beautiful’

Since becoming a mum, this Shortland Street star's thoughts about her body have changed.
Lynette Forday

Since becoming a mum to Lucia (8), Shortland Street star Lynette Forday’s thoughts about her body have changed – but it’s not thanks to stretchmarks or lingering baby weight.

“Having a girl has made me very sensitive to how damaging our negative talk and thoughts about our own bodies can be,” she says.

“And she’s reminded me how beautiful our ‘imperfections’ are. Helping a little girl have good self-esteem has changed my attitude towards my body.”

Being slim has been a lifelong battle for Lynette, who plays Dr Grace Kwan on the long-running soap. Indeed, it’s actually been something of an occupational hazard.

Lynette says she’s currently the most confident she’s ever been.

“[Feeling good] about my body is a work in progress, in my mind. I’m trying to let go of the worlds that I’ve worked in for the last 30 years – first as a ballet dancer, then as an actor, and then as a Pilates instructor – all of which are careers where being thin is highly overvalued,” she explains.

However, now Lynette says she’s the most confident she’s ever been about her “muscular, soft, fun, useful and small” figure, and if she was to return to her dream holiday destination of Bora Bora – staying in an overwater bungalow – you’d no doubt find her sunbathing very happily in a bikini.

“Although,” she laughs, “they tend to be more of a fashion accessory – I’m not a water baby!”

Lynette admits to being hard on herself “every day” when she looks in the mirror. Surgery scares her, but she believes “each to their own” when it comes to Botox. However, those lingering doubts are quickly silenced when she remembers how grateful she is to have a body that works.

“And if I must be shallow, my legs are okay,” she offers.

“At the end of the day, skinny is overrated. Life is short – eat the cheese!”

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