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Lucy Lawless will perform special gig for struggling Kiwi actors

The one-off show supports a cause close to the Kiwi actress’s heart.
Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless will take to Auckland’s Pop Up Globe theatre on Sunday for a special performance to raise funds for struggling actors.

The event, which also features other prominent Kiwi names, will help performers who are unable to work due to illness or injury.

The New Zealand Actors’ Benevolent Fund – a charity group for actors – will host the variety show. The gala will be MC’d by Michelle A’Court and will feature a range of performances including acts by Kiwi music legends Shona Laing and Dave Dobbyn.

New Zealand’s grand dame of the acting world, Jennifer Ward-Leyland, is also slated for a special appearance.

Fans of Lucy Lawless are in for a treat with the much-loved Xena: Warrior Princess star set to perform a poem Australian songwriter Nick Cave.

Lucy told NZME she supported the cause because it can be difficult for actors if they find themselves out of work because of illness, injury or disability.

“For many, many actors there’s no back up. There’s no ACC for them. So this is a chance for people who love art, whether you’re in the business or not, to contribute to the well-being of [actors].

Lucy Lawless as the sultry Lucretia in the sexy late-night drama Spartacus.

“You don’t want to let the side down and it’s just part of your being able to contribute in that way, so when actors are sick they’re not kidding around,” she said.

Money raised at tomorrow’s event will be distributed to actors through the New Zealand Actors’ Benevolent Fund.

The organisation can help actors to pay for medical expenses, and other day-to-day costs while they’re off work and recovering.

Ticket prices range from $30 – $100 and information can be found here.

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