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Lucy Lawless reveals Donald Trump made advances on her when she was engaged

The Kiwi actress has opened up about the time Trump attempted to make a move on her
Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless has revealed that in 1997, when she was engaged to be married, she had an awkward encounter of her own with Donald Trump.

The then 29-year-old was contacted by Donald when she was staying at a Trump-owned hotel in New York. At the time, she was well-known for her role in the hit Xena: Warrior Princess TV show.

Donald who was then 51, allegedly phoned Lucy’s hotel room and propositioned her.

“I was staying in his hotel and the phone rang, and I thought that was a bit peculiar,” the Kiwi actress revealed to the New Zealand Herald.

He then revealed he had just ended his relationship, and reportedly went on to ask her out.

“The thing that was funny about it, is that he said he had recently – and you could hear the inverted commas – ‘just come on the market’.

“He said, ‘Perhaps you heard, I’ve recently come on the market’. My eyebrows shot up. It was a funny term for a property developer to use.”

“He asked, ‘Are you seeing somebody?’ and I said ‘yes,’ and he immediately backed off,” she continued.

Lucy, who was engaged to her now-husband, television producer Robert Tapert, at the time, was not interested.

“I’m not a fan on any level, I don’t think. But I didn’t have anything against him until he started talking about Mexicans.”

While Lucy and Robert remain married and have two children together, she regularly voices her anti-Trump opinions on social media.

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