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Kimberley Crossman’s spooky new friend

Kim tells all about her new sidekick and why she's getting out of her comfort zone!
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In some ways, former Shortland Street actress Kim Crossman is still the same blonde, bubbly ray of sunshine as ever. But she’s taking on more risks, both personal and professional these days – including a foray into stand-up comedy and a star role in Kiwi comedy horror flick Deathgasm, which recently premiered in the US.

“It really is the little movie that could,” says the LA-based 27-year-old proudly. “It couldn’t be less PC and I think that’s why Americans love it too, because they aren’t allowed to do that!”

Kimberley Crossman

The film is partly the result of a new outlook Kim’s adopted called “The Year of No Fear”, a mantra designed to encourage herself to get out of her comfort zone. Kim’s Year of No Fear, now in its second year, began, innocently enough, with a stint of stand-up, some diving, and sit-com cameos.

But the stakes are now considerably higher – as she introduces her pet tarantula, Prince Harry O’Connor.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” she grins. “He’s the perfect pet – very low maintenance and also I feel like a bit of a bad ass! I’ve got a real fondness and respect for tarantulas now.”

Currently single, Kim lives (with Harry) in a three bedroom house in LA’s Studio City with best pal Katie – whom she first met on Power Rangers – and an acapella singer called Jessica. She’s currently shooting The 60 Yard Line, a movie about legendary American football team the Green Bay Packers, in Wisconsin. And she’s gracing our screens in TV3’s all-girl sketch show, Funny Girls.

She’s also been delving into the horror genre – shooting a YouTube trailer starring some murderous bananas. “It’s real creepy when they are coming down the stairs…”she laughs.

“Maybe I’ll just use the banana costume,” she muses of her planned Halloween costume. “Or should I try and be a bit more sexy? That’s it – I’ll be a sexy, serial killing banana!”

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